Python: Beginners’ Choice Lesson 1 Live

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As stated above the Creating Variables class, part of the Python: Beginners’ Choice course, is now live. This class comprises three lessons: Names, Values, and Console. These classes are being posted one by one, as it take forever to wait till I had typed them all up.

I don’t want to have comments underneath the lessons as when the classes increase in difficulty I don’t want the answers posted on the same page. However, I would also like somewhere students could discuss coursework with each other without giving answers away to people actively sitting a class or lesson. I may try a forum or bulletin board in the not too distant future.

Until then, feel free to post comments about the class/lesson that you feel the need to mention here in this post. Like something, then let us all know. Hate something and it just doesn’t work for you? Then again, let us all know.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the site at this early stage and I hope you visit again soon. New content will be getting added just as quickly as I can add it between dog walks.